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CIFP Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo Gijón
Begoña, 30
33205, Gijón
Phone (+34) 985 175 076

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CIFP Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo Gijón

At the Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Hostelería y Turismo de Gijón (Gijón Hospitality and Tourism Vocational Training Center) students can take official studies in the Hospitality and Tourism occupational category within the specific vocational training program. At the moment the center offers grado medio (middle-level) training courses (Culinary Arts, Professional Restaurant and Bar Service, and Pastrymaking and Baking), and grado superior (higher-level) training courses (Hospitality, Tourist Information and Marketing, Travel Agencies and Catering), at the end of which the students receive an official qualification.

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