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La Sartén de Cordelería. Escuela de Cocina
Cordelería, s/n
48930, Gexto
Basque Country
Phone (+34) 944 634 188

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La Sartén de Cordelería. Escuela de Cocina

This school, in Getxo (Basque province of Biscay), has taught a variety of courses since 1997, ranging from cocktail service to cooking sauces and garnishes, not to mention courses on vegetarian cuisine, ice creams and cold desserts. Other highlights include specialist courses on traditional Basque cuisine. The center started out as a cookery school for individuals who want to learn about the science of cooking. In 2008 it reopened after being closed for some time. Since then it has taken a new project on board, in addition to the classes, called the "home chef" service. This helps people to design a menu that they prepare in their own home.

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