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Diccionario Bótanico para Cocineros

Andoni Luis Aduriz; Francois-Luc Gauthier

Diccionario Bótanico para Cocineros

Botanical Dictionary for Chefs

Title Diccionario Bótanico para Cocineros
Author Andoni Luis Aduriz; Francois-Luc Gauthier
Publication place Spain
Publication year 2006
Publisher Gourmandia
Languages English
No. of pages 407
ISBN 978-84-933853-5-4

A botanical compilation, a glossary, a guide for culinary use- this book is many things, but most of all it`s the beginning of an adventure into the wonderful world of botany. After years of observation, collection and research of all types of species of plants and fruits, the result is this text, a spectacular joint effort by Mr. Aduriz, a mastermind chef, and Mr. Gauthier, a leading botanist. An extensive elementary botanical glossary offers the A to Z on everything from herbs, flowers and buds to stems, stalks and seeds, and entries contain short, simple definitions. There is also a culinary use guide for plants, which includes scientific names and in what types of dishes around the world each is used. Another chapter classifies herbs according to smell. The recipes are also quite impressive. Horse mackerel in tannin ceviche with toasted garlic and Allium flowers, fresh soy and rosemary cream, cold, nut soufflé and black crab with frozen prawn gelatin, saffron flowers and pistils are just a few of the suggestions. Additionally the book comes with a DVD, making it possible to watch, step by step, how these flavorful dishes are made. While the test reads as series of dictionaries, in essence it is a truly colorful wealth of information with vibrant recipes, making for a very warm guidebook on the ins and outs of the gastronomical side of botany.

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