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Pimientos, guindillas y pimentón

Francisco Abad Alegría

Pimientos, guindillas y pimentón

Peppers, Chilies and Pimentón

Title Pimientos, guindillas y pimentón
Author Francisco Abad Alegría
Publication place Spain
Publication year 2008
Publisher Ediciones Trea
Languages English
No. of pages 190
ISBN 978-84-9704-356-4

The pepper is a protagonist and/or a fundamental ingredient in countless traditional Spanish recipes, hailed for its distinct color, smell and often-spicy flavor. Served cooked, raw, dried, diced or pickled, the pepper has always been a key player in the country`s culinary identity. And for anyone looking for the whole story behind the pepper, here is everything you ever wanted and needed to know on the subject. From the history of its arrival in Europe from America and its subsequent dissemination worldwide, its organoleptic qualities, medicinal uses, and much more, as well as extensive info on chilies and pimentón (a type of paprika from Spain), this fascinating text will truly spice up your reading list.

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