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Más que tapas

Junta de Andalucía

Más que tapas

More Than Tapas

Title Más que tapas
Author Junta de Andalucía
Publication place Spain
Publication year 2008
Publisher Editorial Almuzara
Languages English
No. of pages 317
ISBN 978-84-96968-93-6

Andalusia is renowned for its stellar ingredients, which are reinterpreted as they travel the globe and meet new chefs. This book focuses on how Andalusian products are used around the world. Olive oils; wines and vinegars; Ibérico ham; cheeses; fish and seafood; and honey and rice are discussed in great detail, as are the chefs, the restaurants in which they work, and their professional stories. From the pigeon marinated at a low temperature with Sherry gelatin and Seville olives (China) to the sirloin steak with smoked mashed potatoes and cured Trévelez ham dust (Argentina), it`s clear that the flavors of Spain are pleasing palates in new and interesting ways all the world over.

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