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Fiestas en España

María Angeles Sánchez; Navia

Fiestas en España

Festivals in Spain

Title Fiestas en España
Author María Angeles Sánchez; Navia
Publication place Spain
Publication year 2007
Publisher Lunwerg Editores
Languages Spanish
No. of pages 262
ISBN 84-9785-350-4

One could argue that Spain is the most festive country in Europe (and maybe the world!). Its fiestas, however, go beyond a few running bulls and some flying tomatoes. Experiencing one of its countless festivals is like being a part of history. These experiences allow participants to enter into the very soul of Spain. In addition to the brief but detailed history of events such as Carnival, Holy Week and San Juan, this book offers a breathtaking photographic journey through Spain`s festival circuit, from the religious to the intimate to the extraordinary. If you can`t make it to the actual event yourself, this book will make you feel as if you were there.

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