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Los postres de Jordi Roca

Roca, Jordi; Lawton, Becky

Los postres de Jordi Roca

Jordi Roca’s Desserts

Title Los postres de Jordi Roca
Author Roca, Jordi; Lawton, Becky
Publication place Spain
Publication year 2011
Publisher Editorial Océano, S.L.
Languages Spanish
No. of pages 247
ISBN 978-84-7556-751-8
Oh the talented Roca brothers! Their skills know no bounds. And Jordi Roca (the youngest) in particular and his famous desserts! Now all together in a book! “Imagination, freedom and audacity” are the most important ingredients in a dessert, he says. And here you can enjoy more than 80 of them, created originally for and served at El Celler de Can Roca (three Michelin stars, in Girona). Some are haute cuisine, and others simply use surprising ingredients, but they all share something in common: they are sensorial experiences that go way beyond delicious. The book is organized into the following chapters: Breaking the mold, Why not?, Complicity, confidence and generosity, A bit of history, With the five senses, Raw materials, A well-equipped kitchen, Techniques, and, finally, Recipes, which are divided into the four seasons. Each of Jordi’s “creative, subtle, evocative” recipes are explained step by step, with advice, tricks of the trade and secrets, so that you too can create the fabulous and daring desserts of El Celler de Can Roca in your own home. His original proposals include Cucumber sorbet, Licorice cream with peas, Gin tonic (yes, a dessert!), Pear mille-feuille with gorgonzola cheese, Curry muffins, and Caramelized fig carpaccio to name just a few (and to get mouths watering). Sweet tooth or not, this book is a must-have!

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