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©Monte Enebro.

©Monte Enebro.

Production area

Monte Enebro cheese is made on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, in the town of La Adrada, province of Ávila (Castile-Leon).


Spanish Cheese

Monte Enebro Cheese

Cheese with a soft paste and mold-coated rind, made from pasteurized goat’s milk.


Tasting notes

- Aroma: hint of wild mushroom aroma, slight trace of acidity owing to the type of coagulation used, similar to yogurt. Somewhat sharp in the nose, with retro-nasal touches of grass (fresh grass and hay) and nuts (raw hazelnuts).

- Texture: Very creamy, adherent and melting on the palate. Easy to crumble and not very elastic.

- Flavor: Slightly acid and not very salty. Long-lasting flavor in the mouth, mild at first, becoming more intense and ending with an exquisite aftertaste.

Other notes

Monte Enebro cheese contains 55% fat content in dry matter. From 30 days after completing the basic ripening process, this cheese gradually acquires a more intense flavor.

Production / Processing method

High quality raw materials are used to make the cheese: Valle del Tiétar goat’s milk, rennet and salt. These ingredients take part in a completely natural process. Demanding quality controls result in the perfect cheese: aroma, flavor, appearance and texture. Every day, the milk undergoes a thorough process of analysis before being made into cheese, ensuring its impeccable bacteriological quality, one of the key factors for achieving the end product.

Queserías del Tiétar holds the Certificación de Calidad ISO 9001 since 2003 and undergoes maintenance audits every year.

Monte Enebro cheese is distinctive for its unusual creaminess, its pure and delicate goat’s milk flavor and its subtle acidity. The immaculately white paste contrasts with the rind coated in blue mold, the so-called penicillium roqueforti, usually found inside blue cheeses. The cheese is tubular, elongated and cylindrical in shape.

Export share / total production (average for the last three years)


No. of companies in the PDO / PGI / TSG / Sector (approx.)


Spanish exporters

Queserías del Tiétar, S.L.
Carretera CL-501, km, 22
La Adrada (Ávila)
Castile and Leon
Tel: (+34) 918 670 876

Raw materials / Origin

Pasteurized goat’s milk, rennet and salt.

Marketing season

All year round

Plant / Animal Origin


Fresh / Processed (Canned) / Frozen


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