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Platea Madrid.

Platea Madrid.


Platea Hangs Spanish Michelin Stars

01 Feb 2014

Renowned Chefs Add Flavor to Madrid Gourmet Experience

Ramón Freixa, Paco Roncero, Pepe Solla and Marcos Morán are all bringing their culinary prowess to Platea, a new "market" for gastronomic experiences in the center of the Spanish capital.

Author: Adrienne Smith/©ICEX.

New gourmet gastronomic space Platea has entered into the final stage of construction, readying itself for opening with the announcement of the wide variety of tasty culinary options that will grace the different areas of this multi-tiered former theater. Located in Madrid's Salamanca neighborhood, this beautiful, restored site will open soon, with scores of culinary offerings for every palate.


Divided into "Sweet" and "Salty" areas, Platea will feature only one actual restaurant, which will open at the hand of famed chef Ramón Freixa. According to this chef, the restaurant will focus on the idea of "shared experiences" and "organic food that will reflect a philosophy of living, thinking and enjoying life".


Additionally, this elegant sort of food court will feature fifteen mini spaces designed by chefs Pepe SollaPaco Roncero and Marcos Morán. For the most part, these spaces will be divided into pairs of culinary concepts that reflect quality Spanish products, ways of eating and the different regions that each of these chefs represent. Some of the themes will include: oysters and pulpo (octopus), croquetas and frituras (fried foods); potatoes, eggs and Spanish tortilla, salads, empanadas, bocadillos, tostas, soups and stews, roasted chicken, meats, hamburgers, and much more.


Platea will also have an international area, featuring food from four different countries: Japan, Mexico, Peru and Italy; as well as a cocktail bar, and of course, an area dedicated to satisfying one’s sweet tooth. In a twist, this 'sweet' space, which will be occupied by Madrid pastry makers Mama Frambuesa, will be the first to open - in approximately one month.

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